Virtual Staffing

Whether you are starting a business, or you have already developed one, there are those constraints that limit your business processes and productive capacity. Staffing costs is one of them. Corporate Business Consultancy is your right partner to help reduce staffing cost by giving excellent virtual staffing services. Whether the company’s human resource capacity is overwhelming you or seems impossible to handle the expanding staffing needs, or you cannot handle some of your business unique roles, our creative, quality and explicit remote staffing solutions will ensure that your business run its operation efficiently seamlessly optimizing your bottom line payoffs.

With our virtual staffing solutions, we are able and committed to shoulder all your time consuming and laborious tasks that leave you exhausted in your daily business endeavors. This will leave you with more time to make strategic decisions and execute wealth-adding plans to make your business flourish.
We pride ourselves in providing outstanding remote staffing solutions. We offer creative, professional, skilled, disciplined and suave staff that will meet your business needs with optimal efficiency at a considerable cost. Our unmatched high quality and effective virtual staffing solution has seen our clients enjoy reduced overall human resource expenses by at least 70%. This makes us your best choice in the following remote staffing solutions towards realizing unimaginable reduced staffing cost:

1. Administration Manager
2. Executive Assistant & PA (Personal Assistant)
3. General office duties – Office Clerk, Secretary
4. Finance, Accounting and Book Keeping professionals
5. Human Resource Assistant
6. Real Estate Assistant
7. Legal Assistant, Paralegal, & Legal Secretary
8. Customer Service Expert – Receptionist & Phone Operator
9. Social Media Marketing – Dedicated Team
10. Digital Marketing Experts

One thing that sets us aside from other virtual staffing solution companies is that we provide our client’s virtual staff with state-of-the-art offices, full team support from highly skilled, qualified and experienced industry experts, support amenities and exceptional tools of work to ensure optimal efficiency and result oriented performance. With all these services, our clients are able to reduce staffing costs considerably.

To ensure maximum productivity and commitment by your staff, we have an in-house support team that keeps the virtual assistants on their toes and provide a healthy working environment by neutralizing or eliminating all work twisters. We make sure that your work is done in due time, diligently and meet all standards.

Our pool of proficient virtual staff members is made of professionals who are degree holders from reputable state universities. To ensure continued performance and quality, our virtual staffing solution provides effective induction and training to give your virtual staff a solid footing in handling your business needs. For effective coordination, you will be able to liaise with our Australian based Accounts Manager, who will be in charge of your virtual staff performance. Moreover, a senior Human Resource Manager who will oversee your virtual staff operations will be within your reach.

Hiring us for your virtual staffing needs is a sure investment that will skyrocket your business operation efficiency and help you reduce staffing costs. We are your ticket to making your business a market leader by giving it a competitive edge in the industry.