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Corporate Business Consultancy PTY Ltd prides in its unmatched performance by providing unlimited solutions for selling businesses, both locally and internationally. We offer simple, affordable and yet effective M&A solutions, aimed at improving our client’s transactions. We deliver best results for our clients by taking fewer businesses and giving proper focus and attention to them; which means that you can be rest assured that you are dealing with most reliable business intermediaries in Sydney.

Our Competence

Our specialty in business sales touches diverse industries, starting from Import/Export Firms to Manufacturing companies and Corporations in various other industries. Through impeccable human capital investments, we have the best team of experts who are equipped with all fundamental know how and skills to help you sell and buy business, with ease. Passion is what defines us against other business intermediaries – we are extremely passionate about the success of your business, which makes us stand out from the rest. Our services are not just about buying and selling; we put our knowledge, skills, effort, and experience into play so that our clients get the maximum value out of it. With our extended scope, we aim at providing a variety of choices to our clients. Whether you are selling or buying a business, you need us to evaluate the best available options. We provide you with a hassle-free transaction, which will not only save your time and money but your energy as well.

Our Services


Selling a business requires many fundamental steps which would take from days to weeks and, even months. You don’t need to waste your precious time on the matters which could be well-handled by an expert. We provide appraisals and valuations, which would determine the true and fair market price of your hard-earned business. Our techniques for sourcing an appropriate buyer for your business will definitely be out of the box. Our methods to present your business to the prospective buyers are tempting and irresistible. Our ability, to pre-screen buyers for their financial capability, lets you obtain the best price on the market. We take care of the interviews, discussions, and negotiations with the prospective buyers and let you have peace of mind. Our word is our bond in maintaining confidentiality all along the selling process. You can stay focused on running your business during the sale process, while we get you the best deal. Wondering, how does this all work? Contact us by filling in the inquiry form on your right.


Buying a business is like buying a piece of art; only a true art lover can value a true master-piece. In a similar way, we claim ourselves to be the same in the field of business brokerage. We know, how to grab a fair-value for a business and ensure that the risk of buying is minimized. We help you in locating a particular business of your choice in an appropriate industry, and guide you on what geographic area will help you maximize your returns. We pre-screen the businesses for you, by keeping in view their profitability, reputation, customer base, and many other factors. We take care of all transfer arrangements, including the lease agreement. Finding the right business for you, considering your financial capacity, is our prime motivation. We negotiate on your behalf with the creditors, to let you obtain sufficient financing for your purchase. We take great care of the due diligence process as it is the foundation of our business deals. Fill out the form on your right to know more about the process.

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